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Systems Maintenance Technician® (SMT) and Systems Maintenance Administrator® (SMA)

To be a respected and valuable member of your facilities team, you need to know the latest technologies and trends in the maintenance field. You must be able to effectively manage energy-efficient, nvironmentally-sound, and cost-effective building systems. The SMT® and SMA® designations will give you the skills you need if you:
  • Have direct responsibility for major building systems, including heating, refrigeration, air handling, plumbing, and electrical controls.
  • Serve on an engineering/maintenance team in any type of commercial building, including universities, schools, hospitals, and government offices.
  • Work day-to-day with building service contractors.
  • Want a deeper understanding of how building systems affect overall company operations.
  • Want to ensure that your building's systems are running at peak efficiency.
What You Will Learn:
  • Career-building skills that help you gain recognition as an integral part of your facilities team
  • How to increase the operating effectiveness of your building
  • How to manage and maintain energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and cost-effective building systems
  • In-depth knowledge of operating systems, including additional courses in administration, environmental issues, and building design and maintenance

The following courses detail specific operating systems and make up the SMT® program:
  • Boilers, Heating Systems and Applied Mathematics
  • Refrigeration Systems and Accessories
  • Air Handling, Water Treatment, and Plumbing Systems
  • Electrical Systems and Illumination
  • Energy Management and Controls
Added to the five above, the following three courses will earn you the SMA® designation:
  • Building Design and Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Environmental Health and Safety Issues
Honesty and integrity are important elements of a SMT's or SMA's reputation. The Institute promotes this goal by requiring that all designees abide by a strict Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct.

Continuing Professional Development
To maintain active status of the SMA® designation, 18 points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit must be earned every three years.

For further information please visit the BOMI on-line learning website at:

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