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Membership Dues

BOMA Hawaii Membership Dues

Building Members
Under 50,000 sq. ft. $790.00
50,001 - 100,000 sq. ft. $940.00
100,001 - 150,000 sq. ft. $990.00
150,001 - 200,000 sq. ft. $1,090.00
200,001 - 250,000 sq. ft. $1,190.00
250,001 - 300,000 sq. ft. $1,240.00
300,001 - 350,000 sq. ft. $1,390.00
350,001 - 400,000 sq. ft. $1,440.00
Over 400,000 sq. ft. $1,490.00
Additional Building Members $790.00
Asset Mgr. Owner, Owner's Representative $790.00
(Membership in these categories will be allowed providing the A/M or O/R supervises at least one building member who is already paying BOMA Hawaii dues for the same building. If there is none supervised, the applicant must pay the building member dues pursuant to square footage.)
Non-Building Members
Allied Members $690.00
Additional Allied Members $540.00
Facility Managers, Building Engineers, Leasing Agents, Non-Profit Agencies $590.00
(Membership in these categories will be allowed provided their building is a current BOMA member.)
Industry Defense Fund $10.00
Membership in BOMA includes your Hawaii,International dues and Industry Defense Fund. Effective January 1, 2011, membership dues will also include eight (8) monthly membership meetings to be held in February, March, April, May, July, September, October and November. Also includes the annual social event in August and the Holiday party in December.
Dues are for January 1 - December 31. Dues must be paid by February 28 to be included in the annual directory. After July 1, dues will be that fraction of the first year's dues represented by the unexpired portion of the year. For more information, call 847-0143.
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